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A Nichols product is a product where every detail has been considered and each process of the construction has been refined to ensure both durability and excellence. Every Nichols product is designed and made out of our London studio.

After spending almost a decade working within the luxury leather bags and accessories industry Made by Nichols is the creation of Rory Nichols a graduate of The London College of Fashion. Throughout Rory’s career as a luxury leather craftsman he has been able to refine the craft; learning from some of the best in the business whilst manufacturing for many world-renowned brands.


All of this experience enabled Rory to not only learn the skills of a luxury leather artisan but also enabled him to travel the world and meet suppliers that could provide him with the correct leathers and metalware attachments to eventually start his own brand ‘Nichols’, a progressive and contemporary brand where traditional craftsmanship meets modern shapes and combines with 21st century machinery.




Because we are a self-manufacturing brand, this means at our London workshop we also offer a bespoke service whether it be a large luggage or handbag item down to a small accessory such as a wallet or purse. Upon consultation most materials and colours can be sourced from a wide variety of calf skins or exotics such as alligator or ostrich. We also cater for the vegan consumer offering a synthetic leather with no animal derived materials.

‘Often my products consist of both machine and handstiching techniques combined because I will not compromise on the lines or shape of my designs; if I have to get my stitching clams and saddlers needles out to ensure I can stitch around a particularly tricky section of my bags then of course that is what I will do, often a machine simply will not do.’

At made by Nichols we use only the best leathers and highest of quality attachments, each product will age gracefully with it’s owner and change with it’s use over the years repaying the owner with an ever evolving look and finish.


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