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Each product designed and manufactured within the Made By Nichols studio is hand crafted with passion and integrity.

My products are made using the best quality materials for every detail, whether that be a small pocket wallet or a large weekend holdall. Every hide of leather, piece of hardware and personalised attachment has been carefully selected to complete the unique design of each creation.

I want my products to look beautiful, whilst also being finished to the highest standard possible, allowing each item to be durable enough to withstand the busy lifestyles that my clients live.

Following almost a decade working in the luxury handbags and accessories manufacturing industry, I decided to create my own made to order brand. Spending time as a craftsman and subsequently a senior craftsman has inspired me to recognise the beauty in creative design alongside unique details.

I love the one-to-one consultations with my clients and the variation of creative ideas never cease to amaze me. As they say ‘variety is the spice of life’ and I couldn’t agree more.

© Made By Nichols 2021-2022
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